Deep into the Earth We Go: An Immersive Indigenous Experience (December 31st – January 8th, 2018


Deep into the Earth We Go: An Immersive Indigenous Experience (December 31st – January 8th, 2018


(To maintain an intimate setting, we are limiting the size of the group to 8 participants. To confirm your spot on the tour, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit by November 18th. PM me for payment details)

All Inclusive (private transportation, meals, accommodations)
Participats are responsible for their own airfare

Nani Honua, in collaboration with Mushuk Allpa Conscious Tours, invites you to join us for what promises to be a life-altering healing journey through the Indigenous communities of Ecuador. This experience will also weave in Indigenous teachings of North American tribes, as we explore how the nomadic nature of the First Peoples allowed for traditions and knowledge to be shared across the Americas.

On our first stop on this trip we will immerse ourselves in the beautiful Andean landscape of the Cotacachi Cayapas Reserve where we will begin our journey together with an energetic cleansing bath at the Sacred Waterfall of Peguche.
That evening we will gather with the local community to take part in the Ecuadorean New Year’s Eve tradition of creating an effigy representing all that we are releasing from the past year to burn in ceremony at the stroke of midnight. The following day, we will visit the sacred Cuicocha Lake, also known as the Lake of the Gods. This was an ancient settlement for many cultures including the Incas and is surrounded by magnificent forests and mountains like the Mama Cotacachi (the female deity for the local people), it is the perfect opportunity to absorb and learn about Andean cosmovision. 
The purpose of this trip is to connect with the Water element through an offering ceremony and hike where we will have the opportunity to appreciate the wildlife of the area and the incredible landscapes of the Ecuadorian Andes. That evening, we will take part in a New Year’s Day Temazcal (sweat lodge) where we will set our intentions for our journey over the next 7 days.

After spending a day visiting the expansive market in Otavalo, we will make our way to the Cayambe Coca Reserve with a visit to the Oyacachi Community. This ancient settlement of the Kichwas of the highlands, holds a rich cultural heritage surrounded by magnificent waterfalls and lush forests.
The purpose of this trip is to connect with the Earth element by collecting a very powerful crystal called obsidian and making our own power object. We will hike to a very old and sacred place of worship inside a cave where the local people used to offer gifts to guardian spirits like the Andean Bear and the Deer. Later on colonized by the missionaries, it was the first spot where the famous Virgen del Quinche was placed, and was later moved to the popular Sanctuary of El Quinche. This place is famous for its healing waters, which we will enjoy by bathing in the hot spring pools in the evening.

From Oyacachi, we will make a stop at the Equator site and take a scenic drive through the transition from Andean forests into tropical Cloud Forest to arrive in the Rio Mashpi community. We will then take a tour of a local organic cacao farm where we will learn about this powerful, heart opening, super-fruit. Set in one of the most biodiverse areas of the planet, the Choco Cloud Forest provides us with a unique opportunity to commune with the cacao trees. Following our tour, we will prepare for a heart opening cacao ceremony. 
Cacao is a powerful heart-opener that has been used by the Mayan, Aztec, and Inca peoples of Mesoamerica, and Central/South America for over 5000 years. Raw, ceremonial-grade cacao contains chemical constituents and neurotransmitters that benefit our health and aid in unlocking euphoric states as well as releasing negative emotions. Because of cacao’s ability to heighten sensation within the physical and emotional body, it facilitates self-exploration on a deeper level. Cacao is believed to aid in any transformational shift in your life, including the release of old patterns and traumas, or cultivating a more self-confident mindset. Whatever your intention, the cacao can guide you to the insight and awareness necessary to achieve your goal.
If water levels and weather permit, we will also take in the opportunity to go tubing down the Mashpi River.
On the last day of our tour, we will accompany local guides on a hike into the jungle to a sacred waterfall, and later participate in a closing Medicine Circle. 


DAY 1 - Dec. 31
Lunch and dinner at hostel
Meet in Tumbaco for pick up
2 hour drive to Peguche Ayahuma Hostel
Settle in Hostel
Hike to sacred Peguche waterfall
Create Effigy to burn for the New Year
New Year's party with local families

DAY 2 - Jan 1
Breakfast and dinner at hostel/Lunch on hike
Short drive to Cotacachi  
Hike the Cuicocha lake (6 hours)
New Year's Temazcal (sweat lodge) 
Andean cosmovision talk

DAY 3 - Jan 2nd
Breakfast at Hostel
Morning Yoga
Otavalo Market
Lunch in Otavalo

*Drive to Oyacachi (3 hours from Otavalo)

DAY 4 - Jan 3rd
Settle in at Cabins in Oyacachi
Obsidian harvesting and creation of power object
Hot springs relaxation & mantra chanting

DAY 5 - Jan 4th
Power Hike down the Oyacachi river (3.5 hours)
Hot springs

DAY 6 - Jan 5th
Breakfast in Oyacachi
Travel to Mashpi with Stop at Equator
Lunch at Equator
Drive through the cloudforest
Arrive to Mashpi community
Night hike insects and amphibians

Day 7 - Jan 6th
Breakfast at local diner
Cacao Tour on Mashpi shungo farm
Light lunch with tropical exotic fruits
Cacao ceremony
Tubing if available

Day 8 - Jan 7th
Waterfall Hike
Free afternoon
Closing medicine circle

Jan 8th - Drop off in Quito

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